Investment Philosophy

StoneTree’s number one priority is the protection of our investors wealth through investments in stable commercial income-producing real estate secured assets. Whether an investment is made in an individual trust deed or through Stone Circle Mortgage Fund, LLC, our number one objective is to secure high-yielding returns & preservation of our investors principal.

Moral & Integrity.

StoneTree’s philosophy is to conduct our day-to-day business activities with high morals, ethics and transparency. Our code of professional conduct is to offer superb customer service and to respect our relationships with both investors and borrowers.

Cultivating Great Relationships.

At StoneTree Financial, we strive to structure each investment to be a “win-win” for both the investor and the borrower. It is our intention to develop long term relationships with our borrowers and investors by demonstrating consistent & reliable results. We strive to under promise and over preform.

Strong & Secure Team.

StoneTree works with a strong team of third-party professionals to ensure that the security of our investments is protected to the greatest extent possible. This is evidenced by our prior track record of real estate investments, as StoneTree has never had to foreclose on a property and/or file a single notice of default.