Trust Deed Investments

StoneTree Financial specializes in originating & funding commercial real estate loans secured by Individual Notes and Deeds of Trust.

A majority of the loans funded by StoneTree are in 1st position but on a rare occasion 2nd Deeds of Trust will be considered. Trust Deeds provide the holder of the DT with a known priority (1st position) secured interest in the Real Estate – with the exception of property taxes.

StoneTree’s maximum Loan-To-Value on income producing commercial real estate is 65% and 50% or less on entitled land loans thus providing the investor with a substantial protective equity position for the preservation of investor capital. The goal at StoneTree Financial is to provide our investors with an annualized rate of return ranging from 7.00% to 9.75% – paid monthly.

The investment term for StoneTree funded loans ranges from 1 to 5 years with the majority of loans being a 5 years term.

Cal. BRE – What you should know about Trust Deed Investments.