Retirement Accounts/ IRA Investments

Investing with StoneTree using your IRA or other retirement accounts is a straightforward & rather simple process. Most IRA/retirement account custodians will be able to assist you with the necessary paperwork and making the investment. If there are any questions, StoneTree is experienced with these types of investments and we are happy to help you.

The first step is to create a self-directed retirement account by contacting your IRA plan custodian and filling out the necessary paperwork. If your current custodian does not provide the option of establishing a self-directed retirement account, StoneTree can help you select a qualified custodian that can establish a self-directed account for you. Upon establishing an account you are then able to select a individual Deed of Trust and or choose to invest in Stone Circle Mortgage Fund, LLC based on your overall investment objectives and criteria.

Once you have selected the type of account to fit your needs, the custodian will act on your instructions to purchase the investment (it will then be transferred to your retirement account). Once the investment is made, all income and other payments will directly to retirement account with the custodian. All account activities are available for your review at any time.

Interest income that is earned by your investment in Trust Deeds or Stone Circle Mortgage Fund is paid directly to your retirement/IRA account which allows that interest income to be tax deferred. Further investments in Deeds of Trust or Stone Circle Mortgage Fund are secured by low Loan-To-Value real estate collateral that have fixed interest rates for given periods of time. As a result, investors do not experience the same instability & unpredictability as experienced with investments in stock, bonds and etc. Generally, DT investments provide a stable income to the investor that is secured.