Fund Investments

Stone Circle Mortgage Fund, LLC

Stone Circle Mortgage Fund, LLC invests in commercial real estate loans which are secured by first or second Deeds of Trust and or mortgages with low Loan to Values at or below 65% of value of the collateralized property. Loan terms range from one to five years with a targeted annualized yield to investors of between 7.50% to 9.50%.

Stone Circle Fund primarily invests in commercial real estate loans in California (mostly), OR, NV and WA. The Fund revenues are generated predominantly through the monthly loan payments made by the owners of the secured loans in the Fund’s portfolio. Investors are paid through a quarterly dividend.

StoneTree, as the manager of the Stone Circle Mortgage Fund, LLC has confidence in the fact that the protective equity position of the Fund is very strong due to the following factors:

  • Low Loan-to-Value ratios
  • Legal advantages provided to the Fund (investors) by Trust Deeds and/or Mortgages
  • Diversity of loans within the Fund portfolio – spreading of risk.
  • The comprehensive and thorough underwriting by StoneTree (Fund Manager) of each loan funded in the Fund.
  • Highly qualified third-party checks and balances – attorneys, appraisals, disclosure documentation.

Participation in Stone Circle Mortgage Fund, LLC is offered to accredited investors pursuant to a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).  

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